5 Top Big Data Certifications that are growing quickly

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Big data is becoming the life’s blood of business. It is growing like never before. Data analysts and scientists with knowledge in the techniques needed to analyze big data and experts who know an in-depth knowledge of Hadoop and Spark are hard to come across. If you want to attain big data credentials, the perfect place to focus is on big data courses that show your skills in big data framework design and analytics. Many vendors and institutions are offering training to prepare aspirants for a big data world. The best part is there are more opportunities than ever for improving your prospects and expanding your horizons.

Here is the list of 5 most popular big data certifications that discerning companies are looking for in 2019:

Collabera Big Data and Hadoop Developer

This is a rigorous general analytics certification. It tenders a deep insight into big data with apaches open source Hadoop. The certification also includes training in MapReduce Frameworks, technologies such as ZooKeeper, Flume, Hbase and Hadoop architecture. What you gain is the right experience to become certified big data professional. So gain a right set of expertise for superb avenues.

Data Science Associate

Data science course offers hands-on expert’s approach to the technique needed for big data analytics. As new job avenues are rising for IT experts in the domain of big data and Hadoop, there is a huge scope for individuals gaining in-depth knowledge on core areas through this training program. This course is offered by EMC that confirms that the applicant has the knowledge to contribute as a member of big data team.

DeZyre Hadoop Big Data

If you wish to gain quick practice experience in Hadoop, you must consider taking up Hadoop certification by DeZyre. It includes hands-on industry bases projects and various big data tools such as Impala, Pig, Flume and Hive. After completion of the course, applicants will have the ability to identify which is the best tools to be used in a given solution. It is one such platform where you can learn job skills from industry experts.

IBM Certified Data Architect

Designed for big data engineers, this course involves a deep level technical skill and experience across various products and technologies. You also get the ability to build large scale data processing systems for the enterprise. The course helps data architects to be able to work closely with audience so that any big data tools can serve business requirements.

Certified Analytics Professional

This provides training in big data and analytics. It encompasses analytic problems, developing analytical methodologies, framing business problems and model lifecycle management. This is perfect for those who want to achieve a basic understanding of analytics process and deploying analytics in the real world. CAP (certified analytics professional) is a wonderful step to garner the experience necessary for a career growth.

The above big data certifications will give you an idea on how to prepare for an interview. So, what are you waiting for? Get certified to be an expert in the industry.


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